About CBS
A shared resources model for rural communication companies.

A History of Innovation

Consolidated Business Services, LLC was started in 2012 as a cooperative effort between several telephone companies that wanted to share resources in an effort to better service their members. By sharing personnel expertise, department functions and other resources between partners, the companies have been able to operate more efficiently and improve their bottom line.

The telecommunications industry is undergoing rapid changes. Those include an increasing demand for telephone and internet services as well as regulatory changes at both the federal and state levels. As a result of this landscape shift, many small, independent and/or cooperative communications companies are struggling to survive. By taking advantage of the CBS model, companies benefit from economies of scale and save money while keeping up with ongoing regulatory, infrastructure, and marketing changes.

What We Do

Our goal is to develop partnerships and create efficiencies by providing services that today’s typical small telecom may find difficult to afford by themselves.

Meet Our Expert Team
Leadership Executives at CBS Oregon

The Administration Team at CBS has decades of experience in the telecommunications industry along with a wealth of management knowledge from a variety of backgrounds. From Fortune 500 companies to public universities and local cooperatives, the team has seen it all and is ready for the opportunity to serve your organization.

Collaborate. Create. Cultivate.
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